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A few weeks back, I put a call out to some of my favorite photographers. I aimed for the stars and figured only one or two would be interested. I have been blown away by the response! ALL of the amazing women I contacted said they’d love to participate in this series. Photographers who I consider celebrities! This fabulous woman is one of them. I remember the first time I saw an image from Tara Swain. It was probably right about the time I discovered Pinterest and her pictures were all over the place. She creates these magical works of art that capture childhood like no one else! Bright, colorful, happy, whimsical. Everything you think of when you picture a child. If you love photography, you need to check out her work! I was thrilled when she agreed to answer my crazy questions.

Love It or Leave It?

Unicorns- LOVE IT of course!!!:)I’ve collected anything and everything unicorn since I was young and now I have a giggly little 5 year old who is obsessed with Unicorns (she was actually a Unicorn for this past Halloween) so now I have someone who feeds into the obsession.;)
Pigtails- LOVE IT! I’ll be so sad when my little girl outgrows them.
Camera Phone instead of big camera on vacation- LOVE IT. I’m really guilty of this, but it’s just more convenient. I’m more likely to take more pictures this way as well. I take my big camera along as well, but the camera phone is usually out for the majority of the trip.
Race cars- LEAVE IT
Nickelodeon- it’s a toss up. I loved it when I was younger.. but we watch more Disney channel now-a-days.
Jukeboxes- LEAVE IT… iPods are easier.;)
First looks at weddings- DEFINITELY LOVE IT. I always get excited when a bride and groom choose to do the first look at their wedding because I know we’ll have SO much more opportunity for amazing bride/groom photos.
Home made props- LOVE IT. (But my husband might disagree.);)I’ve roped him into helping me build some pretty elaborate and unique props in the past.. and the list just continues to grow. I love putting together unique things that you can’t find anywhere else and being able to pull together a theme from it.
You Tube- LOVE IT. It’s pretty much like Google to me… and it’s also helped entertain some restless kiddos in waiting rooms too!;)
Here’s some of her Ah-mazing work!!
Tara Swain Photography interview - Love It or Leave It - Interview by Stacy Mae PhotographyTara Swain Photography interview - Love It or Leave It - Interview by Stacy Mae PhotographyTara Swain Photography interview - Love It or Leave It - Interview by Stacy Mae PhotographyTara Swain Photography interview - Love It or Leave It - Interview by Stacy Mae PhotographyTara Swain Photography interview - Love It or Leave It - Interview by Stacy Mae Photography

I’ve struggled for a long time with how to use this blog. Typically I post client images, whether they be sneak peeks or full sessions, as well as information about me and my business. There’s no real rhyme or reason behind what I post. The only thing I know for sure if that I need to be posting. If I’m not blogging and putting myself out there, then how will clients find me? I want to expand my reach and blogging can help me do that.

Inspirational Quote


So, I’ve spent the last few weeks devouring business blogs and listening to webinars trying to figure out how to make this work. I tried to look outside of the photography industry too and found the fantastic Elle & Co., and Maria Forleo. The one thing that kept coming up was the idea of finding my ideal client and providing them with a service. Clients come to me for beautiful pictures, but what else can I do for them? What skills do I have that could benefit them? This blog post from Lauren at Elle & Co. really hit home. And this sentence specifically, “Your business should meet a need and play to your strengths, but even more importantly, you should be striving to make it one-of-a-kind.” Well, duh! I’m a photographer. I’m in the business of pictures. I can use this blog to help my clients take better pictures. I’ve taught classes before, but there is so much more to photography than just the basics. Plus, I want to carve out a niche specifically for moms. With a clear focus for this blog, I can finally put together a schedule and put together consistent content. Here’s what I came up with.

This blog’s purpose: To be a source of information and inspiration for clients to develop their own photography skills so that they can begin to capture better every day images of their children.

This is how it’ll work. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you’ll get a new blog post with photography tips. This may end of changing as I figure out what works and what doesn’t. Then, I’ll follow up on Instagram with photos to show you more about the topic. If you follow me on IG, you’ve already seen a few of these posts. Check the hashtag #smphotoschool to see what I’m talking about. I think this is the best way to streamline how I push out all of the info. Eventually, there will be a library of videos that you can subscribe to as well. I’ve hired a very talented junior employee for the summer – my 12 year old!

And don’t be shy! I want this to be interactive. If there’s something you want to know, ask me!





Love It or Leave It - Photographer Interview Series - Laura Winslow Photography

To read through all of the past interviews, click here.

Time for another fun interview! This week, I’m catching up with the fabulous ladies at DNA Photography. They specialize in birth to one year. They are best friends who went in to business together and now create gorgeous art for their clients. I was drooling over all of the eye candy on their website and came across this image that made me laugh. This is the ‘crew’ from DNA. I know I’d want to work with them!!

DNA Photography

Angela, the ‘A’ in DNA, was kind enough to play along for my un-interview. Here’s what she had to say.

Studio light. Can’t say. I’ve never tried.

Macro shots – LOVE IT!

Cherry blossoms – LOVE IT!

Broadway – LOVE IT!

Crocs – Is that even a question? LEAVE IT … unless you’re three.

Cake smashes – LOVE IT!

Emoticons – LOVE IT! You can respond. Without responding. And sometimes. No words are necessary.

The beach – When do we leave? LOVE IT!

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