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If you follow me on FB or even Instagram, you’re already aware of the love affair between my little princess and her pitbull puppy. We rescued Lady in September and Jaime has been smitten ever since. My older daughter was not quite as enamored when we first brought her home. She’s a little afraid of dogs, and all the hype about pitbulls made her even more nervous. But, in the few months she’s been part of this family, she has opened up Julianna’s heart. In the last few weeks, she’s even let her lick her hand. <3

My husband has always been a fan of pitbulls and we love watching Pitbulls and Parolees, but we haven’t owned a dog in many, many years. We really have no idea what her history is. She was found as a stray on the streets of Georgia. She’s only 2 and has already had puppies. We’re guessing once she had her pups, she was let go. Can you believe someone would do that?!

Lady is the sweetest dog and we think she’s the perfect addition to our family. I think she’s adopted Jaime as her pack mate because she plays with her like a sibling. This dog has such patience too. Jaime will not leave her alone. Anytime she’s seeing her relaxing on the couch, she has to go over and join her. I’m so glad I picked up my camera for this snuggle session.

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If I could only photograph one thing for the rest of my life, it may very well be these Little Lovies sessions. These two boys and their lovies were the sweetest little things. I’ve photographed Leo and Will before, but this time they were more than excited to show me their lovies. And mom had a great idea to put them in their pj’s since they sleep with them every night.

boys and their toysboys and their toyslittle boy and stuffed animallittle boy and stuffed animallittle boy and stuffed animal2015-02-15_00062015-02-15_0007


Check out all the other Little Lovies sessions here.


Mr. Elephant actually didn’t have a name when I arrived for his photo shoot. Gianna liked it so that’s how we kept referring to her lovie. What a sweetheart she is. And I am so amazed at how happy each child is to be photographed with their lovie. Easiest sessions I’ve had so far! Check out the last lovie session I had with another adorable girl and her teddy bear. Don’t forget to come and ‘like’ the new Facebook page for Little Lovies too!

little girl posing with a stuffed animal2015-02-09_0002little girl hugging stuffed animal2015-02-09_0004little girl posing with a stuffed animallittle girl posing with a stuffed animal2015-02-09_00072015-02-09_00082015-02-09_0009


I’m bringing it back. Five things I’m crushing on this week.

5. If you are looking for something fun to follow on Facebook, check out this page.  I’m About to Pitch a Fit is a photography community which showcases images of kids about to throw a tantrum. I’ve seen my share of those in the last few years.

4. Instagram eye candy – Beth Deschamp is a fabulous photographer and her Instagram account is full of simple, elegant beauty. I’m participating in her 365 Project this year along with my 11 year old. She’s keeping me accountable or else I’d already be forgetting.

3. Jimmy Fallon. What’s not to love? Everything he does makes me happy. This one had me rolling on the floor. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just log on to his channel on You Tube. <3

2. I’ve been eyeing this book since it was announced and I would LOVE to own it. The price tag is a little hefty, but I’m dying to see the pullbacks. It’s so neat to see how other photographers work. Maybe I should add it to my wishlist for Valentine’s Day?

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.27.40 AM

1. And finally, I read about this on Laura Winslow’s blog and it looks so cool. A monthly box filled with goodies just for moms. She’s also hosting a giveaway if you want to try and win one!





  • February 6, 2015 - 8:40 am

    Beth Deschamp - awe, thanks so much stacy! you are so sweet and i am so happy that you are completing >>the bethadilly challenge<< with me! have a lovely friday!


What could be more precious than a sweet girl and her favorite bear? This was my very first Little Lovies session and I’m so thankful that it was such a positive experience. Miss Miya could not have been happier to pose with her bear and give him lots of hugs and snuggles, everything I hope for when I thought about photographing kids and their lovies. I can’t wait to shoot more of these!

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