One of my favorite things to photograph during a maternity mini session is the interaction between a mother and her firstborn. It’s so sweet to see how children react to hearing the news about a new brother or sister. I always wonder what they must think when they see mom’s belly start to grow or even feel the baby kick. Camille was so snuggly with her mom and dad during this session. She took a few minutes to warm up, but it was totally worth the wait. Mom looks gorgeous and I loved how she pulled everyone’s outfits together. This is a great example of coordinating. She picked out her hubby’s shirt based on the colors in Cami’s dress and it worked perfectly. I was hoping for a bit more sunshine during our shoot, especially since we booked a ‘sunset’ session. Too bad Mother Nature is so fickle. I still think it turned out beautifully!


Mini maternity session by Stacy Mae Photography. Maternity posing.

Mini maternity session by Stacy Mae Photography. Maternity pose. Candid family pose.



Communion mini sessions are not something I typically offer, but since my daughter is making hers this year, I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. After a miserable week of weather during spring break, I was finally able to get outside Friday and take some shots of these beauties. The first 3 were shot at the Florham Park Gazebo. The next one was taken by McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange. If you haven’t been to that area before, go check it out! It’s near the Turtle Back Zoo and there’s a beautiful pond that you can walk your dog and a really cool park close by too. The last image was taken at a park in Morristown.

Communion Mini session by Stacy Mae Photography. www.stacymaephotography.comCommunion Mini session by Stacy Mae Photography. www.stacymaephotography.comCommunion Mini session by Stacy Mae Photography.

Communion Mini session by Stacy Mae Photography

Communion Mini session by Stacy Mae Photography.


Photographer Interview series by Stacy Mae Photography.

Want to hear a funny story? A few years back I was participating in Bottle Hill Day in Madison, NJ and a woman walked up to check out some of my photographs. We started talking and she told me her sister is a photographer in NY. I asked her name and of course had to google her when I found out we share a name. I fell in love with her work and contacted her to say hi and let her know I met her sister. We met for coffee and have remained friends ever since! I was so excited when she agreed to this interview. So, take a few minutes to get to know Stacy Wickham Photography

Website I Facebook I Instagram



Disney world: LOVE IT

Hotdogs: LOVE IT

Photographing pets: LOVE IT. We have had a nearly 200 lb dog in the studio to a tiny 5 lb princess. This is a new service that our clients certainly enjoy, including a loved pet into their family portrait session.

Coffee: OMG LOVE IT so much! 

Spotify: LEAVE IT. I actually had to google this. I’m a pandora girl.

Mini sessions: LOVE IT. I mostly focus on newborn and children portraiture in the studio, so mini’s allows me to get outside and take full advantage of all that the beautiful North Fork has to offer.

Big Bang Theory: LEAVE IT.

Here’s some of Stacy’s fabulous work!

Stacy Wickham Photography interview on Stacy Mae Photography. www.stacymaephotography.comStacy Wickham Photography interview on Stacy Mae Photography. www.stacymaephotography.comStacy Wickham Photography interview on Stacy Mae Photography.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in the Stacy Mae Photography Launch Party!! It was a huge success and it was all because of you! So many of you reached out to tell me how much you love the new branding and I couldn’t be happier. I know how busy life can get so I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the blog.

and the winners are


Day One – Photographer for Beginners PDF. Michelle Wunn
Day Two – $20 Amazon gift card. Maureen Margaret, Kristen Gallucci, Jen Whipple, Tara Furman, Jen Casola
Day Three – Organic Bloom frame – Ashley McGinnis
Day Four – Go Live HQ Launch Kit – Colleen Bohensky
Day Five – Holiday Mini Session – Melissa Miele, Melissa Martino, Dana Vicioso


*All winners were chosen at random. If you see your name listed, please contact me to claim your prize.


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This is it!!! The 5th and final day of the Stacy Mae Photography Launch Party. If you’ve been joining me all week, thank you sooooooo much! I cannot tell you how much it means to have your support. I am so happy you are excited about the new brand and the future of SMP. Things can only get better!

Stacy Mae Photography Launch Party Day 5

OK so today is pretty exciting. For hanging out with me all week, I’m giving away 3 Holiday Mini Sessions. These are pretty popular!! I usually start booking over the summer and sessions are scooped up within 48 hours. I have clients who wait for the announcement every year so that they can get a spot and not worry about having to photograph the perfect holiday card:)

If you visited the blog during Day 3 you saw that I’ll be offering cards this year and cards a big deal for the holidays. Each mini session giveaway will also include 50 cards!!

Here’s how you can win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


*The fine print. Please make sure to complete all steps. Once the giveaway has ended and winners are chosen I’ll be going back to check. Winners for each day of the giveaway will be posted in a blog post tomorrow. Winners of the holiday mini session will be given first choice when dates are announced. There will be 3 days of holiday mini sessions between September and November. One winner will be booked for each of the 3 days. You must make sure you are available for the rain date as well. Prizes are non-transferable.


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