Click & Capture – Beginner Photography Class for Moms

Click & Capture is a beginner photography class for moms to help you learn how to photograph your family with confidence and creativity. Classes are held in person in NJ and focus on simple things you can do to improve your photos quickly. Classes are 3 hours long and include printed materials as well as an invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn more. Once you become part of the group, you also save on future classes and field trips! You can also sign up for the Click & Capture newsletter, a weekly goody bag of tips and tricks delivered straight to your inbox. Inside you’ll find lots of easy to follow tips to help you capture moments more creatively (no matter what kind of camera you have!).

Click & Capture will hopefully help you fall in love with photography. When you fall in love with 
photography, you start to see things differently. You’ll start to notice little things
 like how the light bounces off your child’s curls or the way shadows dance across your bedroom walls. You’ll pay attention to the details more and appreciate how unique and
special your children are. And guess what? You might just discover a creative side you never thought you had. I also offer one-on-one mentoring as well as online classes and guides to help improve your everyday photos. Here’s what is currently available.

Click & Capture – February 4, 2017 In-Person Class – SOLD OUT!

Click & Capture – February 25, 2017 In-Person Class – SOLD OUT!

Click & Capture – April 1, 2017 In-Person Class – SOLD OUT!