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Yay! Today is Wednesday which means another interview in my Motherhood, Captured blog series. I am so thrilled that these amazing women have agreed to participate. If you missed the first two blogs, you can read them here and here. On to our next gorgeous mama! Sina from Happy Grey Lucky!

Blog series called Motherhood Captured which features mom bloggers and tips for how moms can get in the frame more. Images of motherhood. Mom and me posing ideas.


Do you use your cell phone for pics?

“Most of my photos are taken with an SLR (Nikon D610) or my new mirrorless camera (Sony A6300). I used to take more iPhone photos but since I mainly photograph indoors these days, I usually pull out a proper camera since the lighting isn’t that great in my house. I much prefer natural-light photography and an SLR lets me capture crisper photos in lower light.”

Do you have a favorite editing app?

“I love Snapseed for editing and then adding a VSCO filter afterwards. I actually edit a lot of my SLR photos on my phone as well just because it’s so quick and easy. I wrote a detailed post on my iPhone editing process on my blog if you’re interested:” 

What makes a great photo to you?

“One that captures a real moment or feeling. I’m not a big fan of photos where everyone is standing or sitting perfectly, looking at the camera and smiling. That just feels too forced to me. I love photos that show my kids playing or a sweet hug or something else that’s genuine like that. The less aware of the camera the people in the photo are, the better. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be staged. Go ahead lay your baby on a pretty blanket or tidy up the mess around the photo, but try and have the moment within that – the laugh, the concentration on a toy, the snuggle – have that be real by letting the moment unfold in front of the camera rather than asking for it.”

What would you tell a mommy friend that was interested in taking better photos of their kids?

“Natural light is key. And get your kids used to having a camera around so they start to ignore it and you can capture those true candids. If you can afford it, invest in a “big” camera (SLR or mirrorless) with a good prime lens. iPhone photos are great for Instagram and for scrolling through on your camera roll, but if you’re going to print photos or make photo books at some point down the road, nothing beats a proper camera. Especially if you take the time to learn how to shoot in manual – it’s less scary than it sounds, I promise!

Camera equipment aside, get down to their level. And I’m not just talking squatting. Sometimes lying down on the ground will get you the best shot. Birds eye is another cool angle with kids – get right above them and take the photo straight down. This is especially great for babies who are still just lying down or for older babies and toddlers who are quietly playing on the floor. Oh and then get those feet of yours out of the shot! Yes, you will be stretching your arm out like nobody’s business while you’re balancing precariously on a stool, but those true birds eye shots are worth it! Mirror shots are another great photo op, especially if don’t don’t have someone around to take your photo. Your kids will love that you’re in the shot when they’re older and looking back at these photos.”

If your hubby were a pro, what moments would you want him to capture that include you and your kids?

“My husband does actually take a lot of photos of my kids and I for Instagram and my blog since it’s just so much easier than with a tripod. My kids have very limited patience for photos (at least of those where they’re truly aware of the camera), so having someone who can quickly snap the photo while the moment is still quite natural and not forced is absolutely key. I love it when he captures our everyday moments – like when we’re cooking together in the kitchen or having tickle fights on the bed. Everyone always has vacation photos or photos of those special moments like birthday parties, but we often forget to capture the regular, everyday moments. Those are my absolute favourite.”

I love, love, love ending on that note. Encouraging moms to get in the photo and capture their everyday is something I am passionate about as well and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to start this series. Sina’s website is beautiful and is filled with tons of great advice and more tips about photography so go check it out. You can also follow her on Instagram here.

Blog series called Motherhood Captured which features mom bloggers and tips for how moms can get in the frame more. Images of motherhood. Mom and me posing ideas.

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